You are currently viewing Boat Xplorer SmartWatch: Specifications Price 2021
Boat Xplorer SmartWatch: Specifications Price 2021

Boat Xplorer SmartWatch: Specifications Price 2021

Boat Xplorer SmartWatch: Specifications Price 2021

The Boat Xplorer SmartWatch: Specifications Price 2021. Hi, people today I am going to introduce you to the new boat watch explorer and we will tell you in detail what makes this watch special and why you should get it.
The boAt Xplorer has been launched for 5,990 but it is available at a special price of 2,999 till Monday (April 19). The special price reflects on the website as well along with a countdown to show you how long it is available for 2,999


Boat Xplorer SmartWatch: Design

let’s get started as you see it has a sleek design with a built-in GPS that easily connects with your phone and helps you track your routes and distances when you are running walking cycling or doing pretty much anything. Its wellness mode monitors your heart rate 24 7. So if you’re someone who does high-intensity workouts and requires just the right precise health monitoring this is for you the watch explorer comes with eight active sports modes and tracks your daily activities like your daily step count distance covered daily calories etc. You can easily shuffle between these modes based on what your plans are. 

Boat Xplorer SmartWatch: Specifications Price 2021


Boat Xplorer SmartWatch: Sensors

What is even cooler is that it will assist you in making those plans by giving you their all-time weather updates for the next three days so that you are not caught unprepared or embarrassed at any moment. The watch can be styled in multiple ways with straps that you can choose as for your mode, adjust long-press the home screen here, and choose the watch face you want for the day. What’s convenient for people like me is that you get your phone notifications like calls to text social media right on your board so if you’re on a bike and want to check who’s calling you can simply look at your watch. Now you know whether you want to take It up or avoid it at the moment the wellness mode also helps you build good sleep habits. You get a bunch of sleep monitoring features to keep a continuous tab on your sleep quality what makes this watch. I feel even more awesome is the fact that it has a menstrual cycle tracker which keeps a regular track of your cycle patterns with the prediction of dates evolution routine and more even the music controls are easy on the touch you can pause play or simply press next to skip a song. 

Boat Xplorer SmartWatch: Specifications Price 2021
Boat Xplorer SmartWatch: Specifications Price 2021

Boat Xplorer SmartWatch: Other Features

The watch truly helps you seek wellness of all kinds it guides you to mindfulness with breath awareness and helps blow your heart rate. You can switch to the do not disturb mode when you are meditating or any other time when you don’t want to be constantly disturbed or notified and catch a moment with yourself. Let me check its smart gesture control nice I just raised my hand and the watch woke up along with sports come sweat but I think you got nothing to worry about the watch is sweat water and dust resistant which means you can pretty much wear it everywhere. The last thing I want to leave you with is its curated controls which help you pull off many things like not having to ask your friend to call you because you can’t find your phone yep that finds my phone feature find my phone feature helps you locate your device in no time. That is pretty much all about the new watch explorer you can buy the device at both websites. Tell me in the comment section about your experience with the watch explorer how similar or different it was from mine I‘d see you again. Goodbye

Boat Xplorer SmartWatch: Specifications Price 2021

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Boat Xplorer SmartWatch: Specifications Price 2021
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