New Beats Flex Bluetooth Earphone in India 2021

New Beats Flex Bluetooth Earphone in India 2021: Beats has recently launched their new music product in the market, the Beats Flex. The most affordable bluetooth earphones ever made by beats. If we take a look at beats’s other wireless or wired earphones, the Power Beats Pro or the Beats Solo Pro, both of them comes under the high price range of bluetooth earphones. The Power Beats Pro was the first fully wireless earphone ever launched by beats where the Beats Solo Pro was the first bluetooth earphones with on-ear noise cancellation technology.

Now here comes the Beats Flex, cheapest ever bluetooth earphones which is not truly wireless, nor supports the noise cancellation. But still, you are getting the Apple technology in just around 4,000 INR. As a quick beats flex review, this pair of headphones will not be that mind blowing as compared to other beats headphones, but yeah, they still gonna rock you whatever you’re up to.. 
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New Beats Flex Bluetooth Earphone in India 2021: Class 1 Bluetooth Apple Device​

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Super light-weight with the power of beats by Apple. Set this headphone inside your collar and just forget it! This wireless earphone is so light weight that you can carry it all day long around your neck. Whatever you’re up to, put it on and you’re ready for the next whether it’s a YouTube video or Latest Music release or whatever. This is a clear-cut budget earphones as it costs around INR 4,000 (£50), which clears that beats is getting into affordable and budget earphones for those who want to experience the beats sound but can’t afford. 

As we all know Apple has stopped bundling pair of earphones with their new iPhones inside the box, this is a very cheap and affordable headphones choice to fulfill that absence without spending a great deal of money on Airpods.  This is a nice fitting earpods replacement.

Magnetic Tips with Auto Play-Pause:

The smart magnetic earphone tips are AI based technology that plays music when they are inside your ear and stops when they are hanging attached with magnets. The real benefit of having magnetic tip earphones are they don’t tangle if you are running, jogging, or putting in your backpack or pocket. These are one of the best earphones for running and jogging. It’s controlling unit always hanging near your collar so that you don’t have to find it when exercising or working out.

The music stops automatically when you remove the tips from your ear and plays back itself when put back. The soft rubberized tips keeps you comfortable. Not so heavy but it can look weird while walking around having a necklace kind of stuff on you.

Battery All Day Long:

The not-so-huge battery gives you a day’s power to flex all day long. This Flex Bluetooth Earphone comes with 12 Hours of music playback time. You can continuously keep it n work for 12 hours without charging again. This affordable earphone supports USB Type-C charging with Fast Fuel charging support that gives you extra 1.5 Hours or juice for the headphones when running outta power. 

Thankfully the USB Type-C to Type-C charging cable comes inside the box but not the charging adapter. So if you have en extra one, that’s fine, otherwise, as Apple’s evergreen policy, get a power-break separately. 

Also, we get to see the extra 4 pairs of ear-tips which make more easier for you to choose the perfect size for your ear. 

Premium Sound Quality:

Sound Quality? CHECK ✔. With it’s dual-chamber acoustic design and a proprietary layered driver gives you exceptionally perfect sound clarity and the Deeper BASS response. It’s micro-venting cut-out let it release the air pressure which helps to keep your ears normal and irritation-free. It’s well angled design gives you clear and crisp sound. 

You can look for other budget earphones in this same price range like Realme Buds, Jabra Elite, Skullcandy Sesh, Noise Shots, or MI Redmi Buds, but hardly anyone can say that any of them are much better than these Beats Flex Bluetooth Earphone.

The highs and lows are brilliant and the advanced digital processor tunes the sound more accurately and gives you the rich and powerful music experience.


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New Beats Flex Bluetooth Earphone in India 2021
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