Best Portable Roomheater For Bedroom India 2021

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  • Power: 800 watts
  • Includes: Room heater and User manual
  • Powerful and stylish room heater
  • Dual heat settings – 800 watts-two rods /400 watts-single rod
  • Tip-over safety switch
  • Easy to carry and move, lightweight with handle
  • Silent noiseless operation


Best Portable Roomheater For Bedroom India 2021

Best Portable Roomheater For Bedroom India 2021

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Product Description:

Are You Looking for a singer electric heater we will say singer Room Heater (White) Glow Plus 800-Watt is a Great Choice for you. unlike another Brand. As you should know the singer is known for producing high-end lay Heater, Geyser & Electronic products that are durable and extremely practical.

singer Room Heater (White) Glow Plus 800-Watt – Singer heat glow plus quartz room heater can effectively heat the environment to make it cozy and comfortable. This product keeps you warm and active during the winter. It consumes much less power. It has a dual power mode, it can work with 800 watts and also with 400 watts. It is easy to carry and easy to use, quiet operation makes it convenient to use.


Feature Of Singer Quartz Portable Roomheater For Bedroom:

Quartz heaters:

a portable electric radiant heater that has heating elements sealed in quartz glass tubes that produce infrared radiation in front of a reflective backing.

Power 800 watts:

The average 800 watt (output) microwave uses approximately 1,200 watts of mains input power. That’s 1200 watts per hour, or 1.2 kWh, or 1.2 units of electricity per hour. But if the microwave was only on for six minutes, then that’s 1/10 associate degree hour, so it used one hundred and twenty-watt hours, or 0.12 kWh.

Tip-Over Safety Switch:

These types of heaters have a switch that automatically shuts the unit off if it is tipped on either side. … This heater is equipped with an anti-tip safety switch located under the base of the heater (see figure above). This switch must be pushed in for the heater to function properly.

Easy To Carry and Move:

lightweight with a handle, the power to maneuver quickly and easily; lightness: exercises that need agility. the power to assume and draw conclusions quickly; intellectual acuity.

OnlyHandPicked: Best Portable Roomheater For BedroomΒ 

Product Details:





Power source type

Corded Electric

Heating Method


Item Dimensions LxWxH

66 x 38 x 44 Centimeters

Included Components 

Room heater and User manual

Product Rank

#4 in Electric Heaters

Customer Reviews

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