Washable N95 Virus Face Mask Pack of 5 India 2021

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  • Care Instructions: Washable
  • Fit Type: Standard Fit
  • CE certified
  • ISO Marked
  • Durable and Washable
  • Stretchable Earloop Straps
  • N-95 Masks With Filter Valve
  • Filtration Efficiency of more than 95% of 2.5 PM. 
  • Can Be Used by Men Women Boys Girls


Washable N95 Virus Face Mask Pack of 5 India 2021

Washable N95 Virus Face Mask Pack of 5 India 2021


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⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.2 Out of 5 Stars | 4,455 Customer Reviews

The #1 seller and best face mask on Amazon. This mask keeps the dust, pollution, ash, and different kind of viruses and germs away from you. Covering your nose and mouth completely, it provides you the complete protection from the day-to-day challenges. Its soft material gives you a comfortable and light feel. You can carry this mask all day long without irritation.


No compromise with our customer’s health. This protection face mask covers all your nose and mouth area completely and perfectly that no germ, dust, virus, or pollution could enter. It’s cap style design covers area of your face more than any other regular mask, surgical mask, or cloth mask.

#Filter Technology

This virus protection mask comes with a powerful filter on it. The filter clean up the dust or pollution doesn’t let go inside and gives you fresh and healthy air. So that you inhale clean air with every breath. Better than any other double filter mask or cloth face mask with filter. Now don’t worry about traveling long if you are living in a city where heavy traffic or traffic jam is a common problem.

#Washable and Reusable

We create a washable anti-pollution mask that can be used for a long time. You can simply remove your mask and wash it thoroughly at the end of the day. These reusable face mask with filter are better than other disposable mask or use and throw mask.

#Perfect For Exercising

Don’t hesitate now while going close to people in the gym or in the public park for a workout. Wear this workout mask and focus on your exercise, not on those who are walking around you. This eco friendly mask is created with soft and premium material that feels very soft and comfortable to carry even all day long. Its active filter doesn’t let the humidity enter your mouth and nose.

OnlyHandPicked: Washable N95 Virus Face Mask Pack of 5 India 2021

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