Wireless Bluetooth Earphones for Oppo A3s India 2020

  • Designed for Running, Jogging, Gym
  • Anti Fall-Out En-Ear Earphone
  • 100 Hrs of Standby Time
  • 3 Hours of Talk Time
  • 6 – 7 Hours of Music Play Time
  • HD Powerful Highs and Clear Lows
  • Noise Cancelling Technology
  • One-touch incoming Call receiving
  • Play / Pause, Call Receiving Controller.


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Wireless Bluetooth Earphones for Oppo A3s India 2020 Description:

You are going to experience the High Definition Sound Music with these Bluetooth Earphones For OPPO A3s which lets you listen to music and sound, offering the best of both the real world and your music world. These oppo a3s earphones will let you enjoy the remote music by Bluetooth technology. Crisp clear voice transmission. Having an amazing solid quality gives you real HD music satisfaction with better sound quality. The Oppo A3s Earphone with amplifier top-quality sound will give you the best bass quality to feel the real quality music. No need to stick to your smartphone screen anymore.

Features Of A Bluetooth Wireless Headset:

  • Light-Weight: Of course, These earphones are so light-weight that your neck is not going to hurt at all. Super lightweight  that also fits under your shirt collar as well
  • The Size: Not only these earphones are light-weight but also are small in size that it is not going to catch any eye.
  • The Version Support: This version of the earphone supports the Oppo A3s perfectly that you are not going to miss your earphones


  • Use distance is way long.
  • Opportunity to rest your hands.
  • Connect to any Bluetooth Smartphones.
  • Convenience and ease of use.

Earphone Highlights:

Utilitarian DESIGN:: These earphones are designed to fit perfectly in your ear and to guarantee its Anti-Fall-Out. Its Specially Designed for Running, Jogging and to use at Gym earphones

Incredible Playtime:: This wireless oppo a3s Bluetooth headset gives you incredible 100 Hrs of Standby Time and around 3 hours of talk time and 6 – 7 hours of playtime.

Noise Canceling Technology:: These oppo a3s earphones comes with the noise cancellation technology that won’t let the noise around you go into your ear in the middle of the music playback.

HIGH FIDELITY SOUND:: Now you’re going to experience the original high definition sound with powerful highs and clear low parts.

HANDS-FREE CALLING:: the earphone features a single-click approaching call that works from up to 30 feet of distance. 


  • Sports-fit
  • Sweat-proof
  • Splash proof
  • Song Selection
  • Play/Pause Function
  • Call Receiving Controller.


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